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The Rockjam team are specialised in Contemporary Music Education. 

We have 10 years of experience bringing our unique brand of entertaining and engaging workshops to schools, libraries, clubs, festivals and camps across the country. 


Primary School

Beatboxing is extremely popular in Primary Schools!

Street Artist/ Busker Thunderclap Murphy will visit your school with live looping demonstrations and Beatboxing lessons.

Aidan will play songs from his street performances and demonstrate how he builds layers of sound using loop pedals, beatboxing and effect pedals.


The children will be given a lesson in beatboxing techniques and encouraged to beat box along to popular songs. Children will be encouraged to come join him and record their own loops and beatbox along.


Open to: 3rd - 6th class

Drum Shorts

Primary School

Get the whole class playing along with the drums!

An introduction to Percussion with Drum Shorts. Children will be given a percussion instrument and a demonstration of how to hold and play simple beats using patterns from the  Drum Shorts programme


Children will be given drum sticks and encouraged to hold them correctly and play simple 2 handed patterns.

Body Percussion

Children will be given a simple body percussion pattern that can be used

Hand Drums

Sebastian will give a demonstration of how the hand drums work by playing a song and encourage volunteers to try them.

Play along

Everyone will take part in a play along of the song WE WILL ROCK YOU by Queen or BELIEVER by imagine Dragons


Open to: 3rd - 6th class

Ukulele Licence

Primary School

Ukulele for everyone!

Rockjam created The Ukulele Licence Programme to make Ukulele accessible to all. 

Our Expert Ukulele Teacher will come to your school and get everyone playing together with our easy to follow Ukulele Licence Programme. 

We provide all ukuleles and a sticker system to make learning faster and more fun!


Open to: 4th - 6th class

Christmas Workshops!

Primary School

Here is a very special Christmas Workshop for Primary Schools.

Everyones favourite Christmas Song 'All I want for Christmas' by Maria Carey but not as you expect!

Learn all about Contemporary Music Styles with our professional musicians. Explore the building blocks that make each musical style unique; culture, rhythms, sounds, tempo, instruments and more.

Our Musicians will visit your school and talk about how they made this video and what was involved in playing one song in seven different musical styles.

Each class will involve a quiz and a vote to decide on each classes favourite version of this Classic Christmas song.

Open to 4th to 6th Class

Secondary School - TY

Rockjam Music Production Workshops

The Rockjam team will visit your school and set up a jam room for a week. We will work with small groups to write, arrange, rehearse and finally perform rock and pop songs in a music video produced by the students

All equipment provided. 

Students do not need any music experience

Our Professional Musicians will be on site to instruct the students through every step. 

Your school will have amazing music videos to share with the school community and are a fantastic advertisement for your TY Course!


Our team have extensive experience providing workshops for libraries across Dublin. 

Early Years

Musical Story time

Seasonal/ Topical events





Electronic Music


Our Team have performed at festivals around the world, from Glastonbury to Palestine and of course almost every Irish Festival!

We are regular guests at Cruinniu na Nog and many other family festivals. 

We have a wide range of workshops we can deliver, from childrens music to livelooping, busking, beatboxing, drum circles, ukulele, and even live bands. 

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