Our first Gig of 2021!

What an amazing day! Sunday the 5th of December was a bright but cold Winter day. 17 bands made their way into Soundhouse Venue to play their songs on stage. Unable to pack the venue due to Covid restrictions we instead focused on our video production. Soundhouse put on a spectacular lights display and an advanced video production set up which gave our large selection of bands their moment in the spotlight. 

Massive thanks must go to all our students who stepped up and performed after a very difficult few years. When we look back on this time, few will argue that our children have suffered more than most. 

Thanks also to the Rockjam crew, who have kept the show on the road. Every Coach was right there on stage with their band, even if they were watching on from the gallery. We all want our bands to show what they can do, but most of all, we want them to experience the joy of performance. 

Thanks to Kathyann for all the organising & Admin and to our resident Anthropologist Kayla, who is always prepared to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in! 

This show could not have happened without the kind donations we received from parents of our students. Thank you so much for your generosity. The link is still open for anyone who sees this and would like to contribute. 

Donate here


Here is a playlist of all 17 bands. You will be able to find your band quite easily. Enjoy, share with friends and family. 

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