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Rockjam/ D.C.U All Stars

All Stars 1st rehearsal.jpeg

Introducing our All Star Band! 


We have a long standing collaboration with DCU Jazz and Contemporary Music Department. Seeking to bridge the gap between school and college while offering our students access to the amazing facilities and tuition that a third level institution can offer, we have set up a working band made up of some of the most exciting young musicians that have taken part in Rockjam.

Rehearsals take place twice per month in DCU with Director Baz Rycraft and guest lecturers from the Jazz and Contemporary Music Degree Course. Led by Cormac O'Brien, the faculty include some of the finest musicians in the Country. Each rehearsal is a unique experience where the students benefit from the visiting faculty members, focusing on new areas of performance. 


Contemporary Music covers a lot of genres including pop, rock, soul, funk, and all modern styles of music, but also more complex music like Jazz and Progressive Rock. Improvisation is a fundamental goal, allowing the students to learn how to fully express themselves musically. Building on the foundation of great groove based music and allowing the students to add to the music using creativity. This process will give our students a huge lift both technically and in confidence. 

Our first show will be in The Purty Kitchen on Feb 11th and 12th 2023. We have lots more exciting music adventures planned for this incredible group of young musicians. Our Goal is to tour the band to share what we have learned and to show other young Musicians the possibilities of Improvisation within Contemporary Music. 

This initial group is made up of 13 students, essentially two working bands. Our aim is to expand the numbers over the next year, incorporating  a horn section and some more rhythm section players.  



Meet the Band

The purpose of this band is to give opportunities to promising young musicians. We believe that Contemporary Music Education is underfunded and yet hugely popular amongst young people. Our band can give a small number of musicians a chance to experience the very best in music education but also to show other young people around Ireland the possibilities of Contemporary Music. 

You can help us bring this band on tour around Ireland, to schools, youth clubs, music organisations and festivals. Together we can inspire the next generation of artists.

Every donation will be used exclusively towards the cost of bringing the band on tour. Performances will be delivered for free to schools and organisations. 

We need:


Equipment Hire

Sound Engineer




We also welcome sponsorship from suitable businesses. 

Get involved by emailing Baz

Become a Donor or Sponsor

Our first performance
Feb 11th 2023 - The Purty Kitchen

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