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Introducing 'The Drum Chair'

A New Feature for Tween and Teen Drummers in Summer Camps

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We are excited to announce the introduction of 'The Drum Chair,' a new feature for serious drum students who want to focus exclusively on playing the drums in our summer camps. This new option allows fair access to students who are dedicated to playing the drums and wish to be the exclusive drummer for their band.


Here's how it works: Students who want to play drums exclusively can select the 'drum chair' option on the Summer Camp application form. If the position is available, they will receive confirmation via email that they have the drum chair for their group. This means they will be the only drummer in their band.


We understand that some students may want to try out the drums, even if they are not serious about playing them. Therefore, we will allow other students an opportunity to try out the drums during Lab or Coach Swap modules. Additionally, there will be an option for students to play percussion alongside the drum chair.


For our junior groups, we aim to encourage younger children to try out different instruments. However, we occasionally get very dedicated drum students at this age, and we will consider drum chairs for junior groups on a case-by-case basis.


It is essential to note that students should only select the drum chair option if they have previous experience playing the drums, as we only have one drum chair position per group.

We believe that the introduction of 'The Drum Chair' will allow serious drum students to focus on their passion and develop their skills in a more focused environment. We look forward to seeing the impact it will have on our summer camps and the growth of our drumming community.

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