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Welcome to Rockjam!

Congratulations! If you are reading this page its because you have joined the Rockjam Team as a Summer Camp Coach. Below is some basic information to help you understand your role. Read it and select the link at the end to let us know you have completed every section. 

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Golden Rules

  • Be proactive

         Find ways to be helpful to the Team. Watch the children and act if you see something that needs attention.

Solve problems using your initiative. Improve Rockjam

  • Keep children safe and happy at all times. This is our top goal in the camps. Make it your priority. 

  • Don't be late. We need you in your room by 9.45am at the latest. Ideally you are on site before that. 

Time keeping

  • Start Time is 9.45am. Check in with the Camp Manager. If you are not there by 9.45am the Camp Manager will call you and we will have to begin making plans to find cover. If you are running late, call your Manager as soon as possible. 

  • Lunch - You have a 1 hour break at 11.30am. 

  • Camp Finishes at 3pm. before you leave make sure all children have been collected, rooms are clean and prepared for the next day.

  • On Monday it is best to be there at 9am to get settled in. 


1.        Facilitate Jam sessions of young musicians ages 7 – 11, 12 – 13 & 14 – 17

2.        Maintain a fun, inclusive and safe environment in the rehearsal room.

3.        Give basic instruction on all instruments.

4.        Facilitate a creative and productive jam session

5.        Facilitate the creation, rehearsal and performance of one or more songs within 5 days.

6.        Facilitate the creation of a music video and audio recording of the band

7.        Maintain all instruments and equipment. Report any broken, damaged or unsafe equipment/ facilities.

8.        Fill in Friday worksheet to provide Video Editor will all relevant information.

9.        Provide 2/3 x 30 minute workshops related to music.

10.      Recommend and develop improved systems, policies, and procedures for the Camp Manager in order to          make the next camp a better experience for our students

Don't use your phone during work time. 


Every group has a different energy and potential. A successful week can therefore be measured in many ways

  • The quality of the performance on day 5

  • The musical achievements of individuals

  • The friendships formed

  • How much fun was had

Ideally you should strive for a balance of all of these, but at Rockjam the emphasis is always on the experience. A good band leader (you) will read the room and understand what it takes to motivate and move the process along while keeping everything enjoyable.

Child Protection

Code of Behaviour for Staff


  1. Children are to be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect.

  2. Staff must be sensitive to the risks involved in interacting with children in a one-to-one setting.

  3. While physical contact may be necessary to instruct a child how to hold/play an instrument, it should be appropriate to the lesson or class, and only take place when it is acceptable to all concerned.

  4. While physical contact is a valid way of comforting, reassuring and showing concern for children, it should only take place when it is acceptable to all concerned.

  5. Staff should never physically punish or be in any way verbally abusive to a child, nor should they ever tell jokes of a sexual nature in the presence of children.

  6. Staff should be sensitive to the possibility of developing favouritism, or becoming over involved or spending a great deal of time with any one child.

  7. Children and/or parents should be encouraged to report any problems to either the Child Protection Officer Barry Rycraft  or a staff member of their choice. Complaints will be brought to the attention of the School Director Barry Rycraft

  8. All complaints and allegations will be met with a response.

  9. Everyone involved with the School should respect the personal space, safety and privacy of individuals.

Code of behaviour

The purpose of this document is to set out our values and a code of behaviour we expect each student to adhere to. This will allow everyone to have a good time and have the best possible experience while attending Rockjam. In the event that unacceptable behaviour is taking place during our camps or classes we have put in place a system that will allow for these situations to be deal with in a fair and transparent manor.

  • Our Values

    • In Rockjam we believe that all children deserve access to music education. Our mission is to provide the very best possible experience to every student regardless of their background, circumstances or any other factor. We believe that music lessons should take place in a spirit of mutual respect, kindness, openness and fun. It is vital that both student and teacher feel safe and are safe within this environment. 

  • Bullying

    • We do not accept any form of bullying or harassment inside our Camps/Sessions, outside the grounds or on Social Media. Please read our Anti Bullying and Inclusion statements for full details and our process for dealing with such issues.​

  • Rules for Students

    • If you see another student hurt or upset, help them and report this to an assistant or Coach. 

    • Respect your Coach and Camp Assistants

    • Respect your fellow students

    • Do not use any equipment without permission

    • Do not deliberately damage equipment, furniture or property​

    • No eating or drinking in the Jam room

    • Keep the jam room tidy

    • Do not leave the Camp grounds without permission.​

    • No student is permitted to smoke or vape within the grounds of our Camps/ Sessions.


No taking photos or videos of staff or students without consent. While we will discourage any filming/ recording during camps, we recognise that this is now a part of student life and how they express themselves. It is sometimes appropriate to take a selfie, record a guitar part or take a photo of some chords. Filming pranks, other students rehearsing, or any voyeuristic filming is not allowed. Your phone/ recording device will be confiscated and both sets of parents will be informed.

  • Consent is considered a verbal acknowledgement of the question : “Is it ok if I take a photo/Video?” Consent must be asked for each time. Any misuse of images, or audio taken during Rockjam camps/ Sessions will be passed onto Gardai.

Rockjam will take disciplinary action up to and including expulsion for breaches of these provisions.



  • Sanctions

The disciplinary process for breaches of any of the above or any behaviour that breaches our values is as follows;

The relevant people for investigating and dealing with unacceptable behaviour are in ascending order:

  •  Coach

  •  Camp Manager

  • Director

If a student is in breach of one of the rules set out in this Code of Behaviour, appropriate sanctions may be imposed by Rockjam. Each Coach and the Director may exercise discretion and professional judgement to decide on the appropriate sanction, if any, in the circumstances. Any disciplinary action is a private matter, as between Rockjam, the student and the student’s parents.

  • If it is determined that a student has breached this Code of Behaviour they will be asked to explain to the relevant teacher, orally or in writing, the rule they have breached, to describe what effect this breach has had on themselves and on other members of the Rockjam community, and how they could act differently in the future to avoid being in breach of the rule. This is done to develop the student’s sense of agency, responsibility, sensitivity and consideration for others and to assist them in upholding acceptable norms of behaviour in the future.

  • The following is the process for dealing with a breach of the code;

  • Verbal warning. The Coach/ Camp Manager will issue a verbal warning, letting the student know that they have broken a rule. For minor rule breaking, this will suffice as long at the student responds appropriately.

  • Second Verbal warning. The Camp Manager will take the student aside and explain how their behaviour is effecting others in the group. The student will be removed from classes for a short time to allow for a cool down period. If the student responds appropriately they will return to class. If not, a parent will be called. At the discretion of the Camp Manager, the parent may be asked to collect the student.

  • Written warning. The Camp Manager will write an email/ text to the parent letting them know about the behaviour and asking if they would intervene. This will be for persistent rule breaking, a failure to respond positively to a verbal warning or for more serious breaches of rules.

  • Suspension. The parent will be called and asked to collect. The student will not be allowed back to camp/session for a period determined by the Camp Manager/ Director.

  • Expulsion. The parent will be called and asked to collect. The student will not be allowed back to camp/session. This will be used in cases where there has been a serious breach of our code or persistent, disruptive or disrespecting behaviour.

  • More serious breaches will be forwarded to Gardai when appropriate.

Camp Operations Manual

  • Each room has a booklet called the Camp Operations Manual. In it you will find resources to help you with your job. Your daily check list of tasks are in there as well as procedures and information for emergencies. Please spend some time reading it. 


  • We require an invoice from you before payment is made. The invoice should have your name, bank details, the date of the camp and the total amount. 

  • Also include the phrase 'I am responsible for paying my own taxes' 


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about your role. We all really look forward to welcoming you the the Rockjam Team this Summer. 


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