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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

I love to collaborate. Every time you work with someone you discover new ideas and are faced with a new point of view. It can challenge, it can frustrate but inevitably it opens doors. Every collaboration comes with risks. It takes bravery, trust and honesty.

When I think about it, Rockjam has been a series of collaborations - with musicians, venues, music schools, visual artists, engineers and families. We all took a chance on each other. We don’t always live up to each other’s expectations, but often we have overachieved.

Recently I have embarked on a collaboration with one of my oldest friends. Noel Brennan is a Visual Artist /Tech Entrepreneur and one of my oldest and closest friends. We both have a fascination with futurism, sci-fi, art and philosophy. Noel studied Fine Art and Coding while I studied Music and Film. We both run businesses so conversations drift between Entrepreneurship, Art, Science and Technology. Recent developments in Digital NFTs have sparked a curiosity about what this might mean for artists. We decided that our latest artistic collaboration should be an opportunity explore this new innovation.

Our latest work will be multidisciplinary, mixing visual art with music, technology, sci-fi, social media and prophesy! I hope to use it as an opportunity to learn about NFTs and their impact on the world of Art.


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